ecottage cougoir

starting from750€ 2 persons

  • 60 m2
  • 1
  • free
  • 2/4/6
  • 160x200 and 80x200
  • booking
apéritif dehors

a very large green cottage for a maximal comfort

By staying in our COUGOIR green cottage, you are like the elite of the hamlet. Its ultimate location in the park ensure to its guest an exceptional comfort and a serene atmosphere. Its large covered terrace offers you a panoramic view of the hamlet and the nearby valleys. COUGOIR is a peak overlooking the valley of ST PONS, bordered by the MARNAS River and its soothing lapping. Its unusual pentagon shaped architecture will surprise and charm you. All the materials used in the construction are safe and sound and provide a serene environment for your holidays. Its contemporary loft design is nice and clean, but it’s also completed with more authentic or rustic materials like lime plaster, Douglas fir wood, terracotta tiles, the whole design and decoration provides a calming atmosphere. The lavender chaff, a typical product from Provence, used in the insulation of the cottage ensure a cool temperature during summer and a warmer one during the rest of the year as it acts like a temperature controller. Here there is no electrical air conditioning, it’s natural, the nature offers us safe and efficient materials, so why not use them instead?

With its separated sleeping area and its small mezzanine floor in the framework, the COUGOIR green cottage is perfect to receive families, groups of friends or a couple. The nice and large space it offers will delight you we’re sure.