come enjoy an original stay an unforgettable and fantastic experience


under the stars

Come live some unexpected moments, some unique nights. Settled down in the middle of the park, on a comfortable bed laying on a hardwood floor under a pergola equipped with ecru curtains, we promise you, you’re going to spend unforgettable nights. You’ll benefit from all the comfort of a normal bedroom: the headboard of the bed is made out of local stone with incorporated bedside tables, an appropriate lighting, a magnificent crystal chandelier, a soft and thick duvet to keep you warm. But as a perk you’ll be able to witness a beautiful sight, thanks to the transparent ceiling, you’ll be able to star gaze as you fall asleep. Here the nights are just as beautiful as the days, if not even more so.

A private sanitary is also at your disposal, a few meter away from your outdoor bedroom. Even our outside accommodations offer great comfort.

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hanging off a tree

On our estate there are some beautiful oaks and just let it clear, they are really imposing. In their winding branches and their thick foliage, we installed some “sleeping nest” where you can find comfortable mattresses, and warm, soft and thick duvets. Sheltered in the branches of our tree, you’ll live the incredible experience of sleeping over ground. You also have access to a private sanitary, your comfort is secured even with those nights up in the sky.

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